The entire world was in shambles in 2008, after a few financial institutions became rapacious. While millions of Americans lost their jobs, and homes, a person or a group — dubbed Satoshi Nakamoto — were already thinking of a new financial system for the recovering world. A system where anonymity was a right, transparency was ubiquitous, and middle-men were obsolete.

Birth of Privacy

In 2014, when cryptocurrency was still a largely esoteric concept reserved for the erudite, Bo, David, and Jason — buddies since high school — began scoping the landscape. Despite the undulating value of cryptocurrencies, there is no denying its merits


10 Reasons why 2020 was not all that bad.

There are no right answers to any of those questions, but there are people in every part of the world trying to cope and hold on, and stay sane in the absence of human touch, familial warmth and company that was not controlled or decided by existing government regulations.

We tried to keep up with everything 2020 threw at us, as best as we could, with little feats at work, by cleaning our kitchens twice a day, finding out that gardening is actually enjoyable, baking a…

I think these are crazy times (too optimistic a start for a change, let’s go back a bit?)

I think the lives we lead and the times we’ve had are straight-up crazy. For real, it is a miracle we’re even alive. When I say we, I mean each one of us, irrespective of which corner of the world we find ourselves in, and which period of our lives we’re found to be living.

We know that none of us would have made it this far without the people that have graced our lives, and stayed through all of the shit…

What exactly does it mean to be a woman in tech?

In the past few days, I have had conversations with different people about Women in Technology. We brainstormed about what the movement is all about, why it exists, the advantages it has to the girl child and whether it is a pity party for us as ladies.

The latter seemed to be true for most of the people I interacted with. So is it really a pity party? Are we considering ourselves as an inferior gender? Are we hiding behind the term women in tech just to feel safe…

📍Paradise Beach, Pondicherry, July 2017

We leap into relationships,
for sanity, for stability, for security.
We jump and run wild with them,
we preserve them and then we obliterate them.
And then grief washes over us, natural protocol.

We grieve relationships that run their course,
And we know hearts cannot be held captive.
We grieve because we have never been good at playing games,
that is what weak men do, and we’re not weak men.
We have always let our hearts claim, boom and soar.

According to Greek Mythology or maybe just some random Facebook post, every entity has two halves, you’re one half and you spend the rest of your life looking for your other/allegedly better half. If you ask me I think that story is complete bull and that you do not need another person to complete you. But if you ask me, I’ll also tell you that learning household skills is a waste of time and that diets are for the faint hearted. …

By 2050, your CO2 emissions will be greatly reduced. Meat on your dinner table will be a rare sight. Water and the air you breathe will be cleaner and nature will be in recovery. The money in your wallet will be spent on being with family and friends, not on buying goods. Saving the climate involves huge change, but it could make us much happier at the same time.

Right now, we are losing the fight against climate change — but what would winning look like? What is life like in a green world?

Here’s one version of a “CO-topia”:

I had this epiphany after reading Tara Westover’s Educated, and that is one of the many purposes that books should serve, they should make you think, they should make you do better, and they should make you want to be an absolute force of nature, a fresh change.

A couple of things about the book, no spoilers ahead.
It is a story about Tara, and how her life grows through a span of time. It is endearing, nudging you to cry in bits and parts, and definitely imparting a little self-belief in you. And you need that when you’re 26 and…

Dearest Naina,

It’s been six years. What should we talk about first, from your never give up hustle to being the glue that held the group together. You were far from perfect and everytime I watch scholar Naina, I see a bit of myself in you and I’m sure so do a million other girls. 6 or 60, YJHD will always be a part of my life. This blog is an ode to the movie and more specifically Naina, who makes my heart skip a beat, every single time. It’s been 7893463281281917101 times hence.

When I started to use these simple strategies, I finally took back to the little things that mattered-And these little things led to big improvements, both personally and professionally.

It’s there: in your pocket. On the desk. In the cup holder of the car.

You want to use it. Just grab it and alleviate the boredom or discomfort. Might as well check the headlines instead of struggling to type words on a blank screen. And why stay in this tense argument with your spouse when you can see what’s new on Instagram? …

Kalyani Kolli

Consultant, Mechanical Engineer, Bookworm and Writer | Aspiring STEM Content Creator & Speaker | Hodophile | Photog | Friendly Therapist | Foodie | Let’s talk?

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